About Us

Who we are?


We are Australia based company, fully owned and run by Australians. We established our business in 2004.

We are an independent brand company registered in Australia

We are based in Sydney, New South Wales.

Our company run by our CEO and mother of two, Ms. Jay.

We have been operating as a company with a reputation for quality for over twenty years now.

We started with a single boutique client in Sydney, and now we are supplying 100+ boutiques all over the country.

What we do?

Historically, ‘smock’ was a traditional garment from the 19th century worn by English peasants, including boys and girls.

We have thrived through providing high-quality smock products and supporting our long term clients throughout the years.

We are leading distributors and wholesalers for Children clothing in Australia & New Zealand.

We have resellers of all shapes and sizes; our resellers are everywhere across the small and big cities, suburbs, and neighbourhoods…

What is the speciality on our products?


Our smock dresses are genunely handmade. We do not make or mass produce a particular styled item and distribute to all around the country. Rather they are all hand smocked and not machine made.

Our speciality is that all our items are custom made for a particular shop in the town, its a kind of designer wares that we are making.

You will have a chance to see a different styled dress of the same brand, when you visit just another shop in the same neighbourhood.

A smock dress takes around 9 hours meticulously made with the hand.

Where does it come from?


Our manufacturers are from the economically downtrodden remote communities in various parts of the world. They are the ex-colonial countries. 

Almost 60 per cent of the population lives in poverty in those parts of the world. Low employment, reliance on rain-fed agriculture, and lack of access to water are significant contributors to the high rates of poverty and food insecurity. We work with those small rural communities to alleviate hunger and malnutrition.

In rural areas, many households struggle to grow enough food, leading to high stunting rates in children. Small families are the backbone of their local communities in their country too.

We are proud that our business supports Malagasy Artisan women and their families.

Our smock dressess are made in our family and community run factories in Madagascar by our highly skilled craftswomen.

They make a living when you buy one of our items.

Our mission statement.

 When we started our business a little over a decade ago, our goal remains the same today: help the underprivileged people in remote parts of the world; identify their human potential; help to run their lives by marketing their products to the quality-conscious customers, with a mindset to help humanity to thrive.

Since 2002, AGraph (Aust) Pty Ltd has established itself as a recognized children wear wholesale supplier in Australia and New Zealand.


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